A picnic lunch

Sent from Brockville and postmarked on Aug. 10, 1916, this postcard is addressed to Mr. Calvin Moore, Carleton Place, Ontario, Box 8. The message reads:

Just a line to let you know Fred and I will go down on the afternoon train on Saturday. Will you come to the station and meet us. Hope you are well. Bye. Yours truly, Ernie. XXX.

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Looking for a lemon squeezer?

This postcard, addressed to Miss Cherry Dyer in Strathroy, Ont., is postmarked Dec. 16, 1912 in Stratford, Ont. The message reads:

Hello Cherry,

Just a line to let you know I’m on the map yet I am fine. Hope you are too. Just going to Tea.

From Carl.


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What is your love I.Q.?

What is your love IQ?

This was in the May 1953 edition of The Girl Friend and the Boy Friend magazine, which I found recently at a junk shop.

Postcards from the past: Staying warm

The back of this photo reads: Mar. 1st, 1931, Kingston.

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Postcards from the past: A man and a tree

Taken by an Ottawa photographer named Batterton. That`s all I know.

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Postcards from the past: Doon the watter

Postmarked in Ramsgate, a seaside town in Kent, England. It’s stamped 9:30 p.m. on Aug. 17, but the year is unclear. It looks like it might be sometime between 1900-09. It’s addressed to Mr. [or something like it; perhaps “Ner”) Elliott (senior), 14 Gibbon Rd., Evelina Rd., Nunhead, London.

The message reads:

Dear Dad,

What do you this (sic) of this P.C. The poor old man is looking quite frightened. I suppose they did not have any dry biscuit or else perhaps it would not have happened. You know what I mean. Much love from Jennie.

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Postcards from the past: I’m on the water now.

Postmarked Feb. 20, 1907 in Creemore, Ont., and sent to Mrs. Charlie Brown in Cookstown. The message, written on the front of the card, reads:

“Arrived home safe at three in town today. I am no better. Dr. says I must go to bed. From your brother Sam.”

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