A delightful way to spend the day

Greetings from the Sparks Street Mall “which has become the focus for Ottawa’s new status as a People City,” according to this 1977 promo book The Key: Ottawa-Hull. Love the pic on the second page, for which the photographer seems to have gone out of his way to prominently display a concrete staircase.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge.


2 responses to “A delightful way to spend the day

  1. Is there more to this book? I’d love to see it, if so.

    • Hi David,
      I realize this reply to your comment is coming almost four years after you posted it, but in the off chance that you come back here from time to time, or if you perhaps get an e-mail alert when a new comment is posted… I recently stumbled upon this:
      And, this:
      I was surprised to see that the images featured on both of those pages come straight out of “The Key: Ottawa-Hull, 1978 – VOL. 1 No. 4” I know because I actually still own a very tattered and crumbling copy of that book. And, yes, to answer your question, there is much more to the book. It runs about 117 pages. Although, almost all of it is made up of advertisements for local businesses.

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