Tell Me a Story, part 15: Lucy and the chess affair

Years ago, I briefly rented a post-office box and took out an ad in the classifieds which, apart from listing the box address, simply read “Tell me a story.” This response is quite graphic in its sexuality. I’ve removed the author’s surname and telephone number.

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Tell Me A Story

Letter #15

Received Nov 24/04

Hand-written on lined paper.

Ottawa, Nov. 22, 2004.

So, you would like to be told a story. Here is the story of my recent life.

I am a 60-year-old widow, mother of 2 grown sons who work and live in Montreal. Per men’s view I have been attractive, charming, sexy, easy-going, friendly and broad-minded all my life. Additionally, by nature, I am very sensual, voluptuous, lustful and fond of sex. I became sexually active at the age of 14 when a cousin of mine, who was 19, deflowered me in the back seat of his car at my request and consent. A 16-year-old who lived in my neighborhood was having frequent sex with him and had told me that my cousin had an unusually long and thick penis. So, I was very curious to find out about the size of his penis. So, my cousin penetrated me from my front and my rear as well. To tell the truth, it was extremely painful for me and my vagina and anus suffered considerably. A week later, my cousin convinced me to go to a motel with him for a second intercourse. With certain hesitation I accepted but that was the last time, since his “tool” was abnormally big. I continued having sex with other boys with a normal penis. I learned that even some prostitutes refused having sex with my cousin. After very frustrating experiences with young girls of his age, in a tour to Europe, he met an old maid, 50 years old, of average look who apparently had an “extra-large box” and able to accommodate such a big penis in it. They started living together until the woman died of cancer. But she was able to make my cousin sexually happy for many years.

Well, myself I married a much older man because he was a good catch from the financial point of view. For many years, he was a good lover and kept me sexually satisfied. But after his retirement, he gained a lot of weight; he contracted diabetes and heart conditions. Gradually, he became unable to get an erection and in the end his medications made him totally impotent. In order to satisfy my strong sex urge, I began to have casual sex with some of my husband’s friends, who were also married. Indeed, none of them made me quite happy in bed. The amount and the quality of sex with them left a lot to be desired.

My husband is an accomplished chess player, and one day he met a next-door neighbour who was also a chess player. This man was single, handsome, 38 years old and a computer software engineer. So, they started playing chess together twice a week in our apt. After a month or so, this man began greeting me with a big kiss on my lips and an affectionate touch of my buttocks. Of course, my husband never saw this. One day, my PC was giving me a lot of problem and then I asked this young man for his help. He came one Saturday evening while my husband was away playing bingo for 3 hours. He asked me to sit on his lap facing directly the monitor of my computer. He fixed it, but while I was sitting on his lap, he started to fondle my knees and thighs, and suddenly I felt his erect penis between my legs. Needless to say that I became terribly horny to the extreme that, when his fly was undone, I started performing oral sex on him. Then, he suggested me to go to his apt. for a complete sex encounter. Since that evening, we became discreet and secret lovers. My husband continues playing chess with him and has not suspected – anything. He believes that at my age I am not sexually active anymore and he would never suspect that a 38-year old man is interested in having sex with me. I am very well preserved and I take good care of my body. My young and handsome lover always compliments me on the beauty of my complexion and on the shape of my legs, buttocks and bosom. He asks me all the time to wear mini-skirt when we see each other. He anjoys to fondle my legs, buttocks and breasts and caress my vagina with his fingers. He enjoys also the expression of my face when I am totally horny and he waits until I am desperate and beg him for his penetration. Indeed, I never imagine that at my age I would be having a marvelous love affair with a young fellow. This love affair is nearly 2 years old and everything goes well.




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