Finally, the truth about instantaneous personal magnetism(ism)

I try to keep the things I put up here at least somewhat related to Ottawa. Some of these old photos might not have been taken here, but at least they were bought or found in Ottawa. But I’m not married to that rule, and occasionally something’s going to surface that has nothing to do with this area but is too interesting to pass up. Case in point was one of my earliest posts, a love note between two countries, found somewhere in New York (see

My friend Sue found and gave me that one, and she recently came up with another. She found this small booklet in a store on Martha’s Vineyard. I’m anxious now to see the previous 1,394 titles in the series.


The opening paragraph, in which the author, Ben Moore, quotes himself to lend his argument authority, is masterful. It reads:

“It is neither fair nor just that information relative to “Instantaneous Personal Magnetismism” [sic] be withheld from our readers. Why should “the most powerful agency in life,” to quote from the author of the book itself, be available to Lions, Kiwanians and Rotarians, to the exclusion of their less fortunate fellowcountrymen?”

Why, indeed? So for all you not fortunate enough to count yourselves among the Lions, etc., here it is: Instantaneous Personal Magnetism Debunked, at long last.

Click on thumbnails to enlarge


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