Tell Me a Story, part 10: Ask Jesus into your heart

Years ago, I briefly rented a post-office box and took out an ad in the classifieds which, apart from listing the box address, simply read “Tell me a story.” Here’s another response. Quick, someone call Dan Brown…


Tell Me A Story

Letter #10

Received Dec. 31/01

Hand-written on blank paper.

No return address.

Dec 29/01

Dear “Tell me a story”

Love to! Unfortunately it’s not all put together yet but I can tell you a little of it.

By about: Dec 3 8 B.C. Jesus was conceived

Sep 9 7 B.C. Jesus was born

NISAN 14 [eds note: underlined, with the word ‘certain’ printed beneath] WEDNESDAY April 3 30 A.D. [eds note: underlined twice, with ‘so many say’ printed beneath] He was crucified

After 3 full days God raised him from death.

Jesus is ALIVE!

Jewish days start at sunset… from the close of Wednesday to the beginning of Sunday is 3 full days. Christ said Himself that He’d be dead for 3 full days.

Ask Jesus into your heart.

Bye for now

A Friend



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