Happy National Men’s Grooming Day

I wonder who decides these things. Anyway, it’s today. I received this last week. Gentlemen, start your razors.


Story Idea: Male Grooming in Style – National Men’s Grooming Day

 Hi Bruce,

 Metrosexual…while this term was once just a strange adjective, it today has become as commonly used as “fashionista.”  Men across the country have taken an increased interest in their grooming habits and now remove hair everywhere from their head to their toes. As a result, August 21st has been named National Men’s grooming day.

 I’d love for you to consider a story on this new trend in men’s grooming. I work with skincare experts that can discuss tips for preventing razor burn, treating ingrown hairs, keeping skin smooth and more. In addition, I can also provide an array of men’s grooming and skincare products for inclusion in the story as well.

 Please let me know if you’re interested in speaking with an expert or learning more about the products.

 Thank you,



Melissa Veniero

Senior Account Executive

5W Public Relations

1120 Avenue of the Americas, 7th Fl.

New York, NY 10036




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