Found: Will Russia rule the world?

I don’t remember where I found this. Written on the back, in pencil, is “Mr. T. S. Jones, R.R. #1.”

I looked up the name of the featured speaker, W.B. Streifling (billed here as “A certain voice for these uncertain times”), and discovered him mentioned in a 1945 copy of The Advent Review and Sabbath Herald, the Seventh-Day Adventists’ church paper:

“The radio and literature evangelism, coupled with the Bible Correspondence Course report, showed an awakening interest, and these interests are being followed up by W. B. Streifling. Eighteen were baptized the last day of the camp as hundreds joyfully joined in songs of praise on the banks of the Smoky River. It was indeed thrilling to see united families cast their lot with the remnant church. Our eyes and ears were blessed in witnessing whole families in attendance at the services. What a blessing it is to have all the members of a family united in one common purpose.”



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