Tell Me a Story, part 6: The Return of Anna

Years ago, I briefly rented a post-office box and took out an ad in the classifieds which, apart from listing the box address, simply read “Tell me a story.” This response was from Anna, who also wrote the fourth letter. (


Tell Me A Story

Letter #06

Received Dec. 18/01

Hand-written on 8.5×11, lined, three-holed paper.

No return address.

Dear Writer;

Hi! How are you, dear writer? christmas is coming, would you like to join us for christmas celebration?

I don’t know why. somehow I got a feeling that you were lonely all the time, (forgave me for saying that.) I’m sure you do have a good family and comfortable life. (though the source of money comes through hard-working. Alert and smart deal with customers.)

This afternoon I might go to visit shopping mall. I like window shopping, it is fun. Do you know that to-day’s market price for comparison between east and west? The best shopping place are – China and Hong Kong.

Anyway, dear writer, give me a hint: if you come to join us for Christmas dinner.

Sincerely wishing you

Happy New Year

Sincerely Yours



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