Tell Me a Story, part 3

Years ago, I briefly rented a post-office box and took out an ad in the classifieds which, apart from listing the box address, simply read “Tell me a story.” Here is another response I received. The person who wrote this included his address, but I’ve removed it here. In response to this letter, however, I did mail him a microcassette recorder and some blank tapes. More on that later.


Tell Me A Story

Letter #03

Received Nov.15/01

Hand-written on 8.5×11 paper.

Nov. 14, 2001

Dear friend,

You want someone to write a story. It is wonderful but you should know two things:

1- Best songs and stories come from the broken hearts;

2- It is not possible to put in words the real story as it takes too long.

3- It is best to hear the story from the person himself or herself.

If you wish to accept my advice please write.


A friend who has a story


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