Tell Me a Story, part 1

Years ago, I briefly rented a post-office box and took out an ad in the classifieds which, apart from listing the box address, simply read “Tell me a story.” This was the first response I received:


Letter #01

Received Nov.6/01

Hand-written on plain writing paper. No postmark.

My Dearest One,

How are you, Honey? All is well here. I’m recovering from another set-back, same as before, with the same remedy and the same result – good. Lucky again. Feeling fine now. I hope you are too.

It sure would be great to see you again. I hope we can arrange that before too long. I’m still thinking about you every day and hoping it isn’t too late.

Please let me know for sure if this is your new address. I don’t want to be writing personal things to a stranger, and compromise our relationship.

Will say adios for now, love.

Yours Forever,





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